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Admission Form

Pace IIT & Medical

Two Year Normal Program

For 10th Passed Students

@ Rohit Bhawan , Aliganj Centre & Indira Nagar Centre

Course Description 

This classroom course is one of the most effective courses for IIT-JEE/ AIEEE/ BITS/ CET/ Olympiads and 12th Board preparation. Extra care is taken to ensure that the sudden transition from class 10th to 11th goes smoothly along with IIT-JEE preparation. Besides the academic inputs, the course has been designed with a lot of emphasis being laid on evaluating and motivating the students from time to time.

Course Duration: More than 600 exhaustive hours of teaching + 50 hours of final revision (all module tests, board practice tests and doubt clearing sessions are extra).

Course Structure: Teaching will commence from Board level and will further be raised to IIT-JEE level. Topics forming a part of 12th Board curriculum, but not a part of IIT-JEE will also be covered in this course; such topics will be taught up to 12th Board level. In class 12th, each topic will be covered simultaneously for Boards well as for IIT-JEE.

Study Material: Exhaustive and complete module-wise study material for 12th Board and IIT-JEE will be provided.

  • 2-3 sort objective quizzes to review topics taught in each module.
  • Weekly tests.

  • Topic-wise Test will be conducted after completion of each topic.

  • Major Test, based on latest IIT-JEE paper pattern, will be conducted after completion of each module.

  • Micro-level analysis follows each IIT-JEE Major Test. Here, each students performance is compared with Topper of the test as well as with the average performer. As a part of this analysis, each student will be given information regarding the topics where their performance needs to be improved.
  • Additional All India Test Series for IIT-JEE/ AIEEE/ CET/ BITS, as applicable, is provided to the students. 

Innovative Library/ Individual Doubt-Solving: A library well-equipped with the best study material and a variety of recommended expert reference books is available for the students at our centre. Students can attend doubt-solving sessions (in group or individually) with IIT professors available in the library for individual doubt-solving sessions for the students.

Admission Criteria

Direct admission for students securing Rank 1, 2 or 3 / 90% or above in PCM / B in IX final exams or X prelims.
Aptitude test is compulsory for all other students. 


Batch Commencing


1st Batch – 11th April

May Last Week to June first Week

2nd Batch – 13th June

No Break

Batch Schedule & Timing
3 days a week; 4 hrs a day

Timing: (4 pm to 8 am)

After the break, their lectures will resume from 16th July; 3 days a week, 3 hours a day.
Students will be segregate on basis of tests which will be conducted before giving them a break.
Course Fee for Competitive Exams Preparation (for Engineering):
Fee (Rs.) S.Tax (18%) (Rs.) Total Fees (Rs.) 3 instalments in 4 Months of (Rs.)
2,00000/- 36,000/- 2,36,000/- 78,666/-