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Why Foundation Builder

Foundation Builder Program is the first step towards nurturing the young minds of the country. Research has proved that most of the development of the human brain occurs in these formative years. We at PACE are strongly motivated to develop the inquisitiveness and curiosity of the child into a vision. Its a small attempt on our part to develop future leaders, scientists and visionaries, the basic foundation of which lies in the clarity of thought.

The importance of fundamentals in Science/Math cannot be overemphasized and plays a pivotal role when a student steps out into the professional world outside. In fact, all competitive, aptitude and professional exams ranging from NTSE to JEE, AIIMS, AFMC, CAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT etc have a significant component focusing on fundamentals. Hence the need of the hour is to build the fundamental base as strong as possible.

The syllabus of this program has been designed to lay a strong foundation of basic concepts in Science and Math. The rational approach in dealing with the problem is an asset which will be useful in all spheres of life. We strongly believe that an early start will be a big advantage. At Foundation Builder Program, we teach students to think beyond the school books and inculcate the love for the subject.

In this enjoyable journey of learning, the Foundation Builder Program will also groom your child for the challenging examinations coming along this path. Most of the examinations, which a student faces during these years, are based on thorough understanding of the subject, which if prepared in a systematic and a scientific manner, can be dealt with ease.


Also, the criteria for selection to universities abroad is steady performance right from Std. VII